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Javascript must be enabled to use VETSpa™. Please enable Javascript and try again.

  • Modern Browser

    VETSpa™ works on Firefox 4+, Chrome 6+, Safari 5+. For best user experience, please use latest version of Firefox or Google Chrome.

  • Javascript Enabled

    VETSpa™ requires Javascript enabled on your browser.

  • Accept Cookies

    Your browser must accept session cookies.

  • Windows Operating System

    VETSpa™ viewer and Rich text Reporting engine is available only for Windows 7 and above. VETSpa™ is integrated with Osirix viewer on Mac OS.

  • VETSpa™ Components

    Available VETSpa™ components for installation:

  • Open Port: 2762, 2763, 9123,9127

    Port 2762, 9123, 9127 and 2763 must be open in order to use VETSpa™ viewer. Please contact your IT helpdesk for help.

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